Why are governments releasing jihadi warriors before the war is over?

Daily Mail:

Terror suspect shot and held by Brussels police 'had been jailed for seven years for helping Taliban assassinate Afghan leader two days before 9/11' 

According to reports, Abderaman Ameroud, left, who was shot in the leg at the tram stop in Schaerbeek because police believed he had a bomb, helped the Taliban to kill an Afghan leader in 2001. Ameroud, who is of Algerian descent, lived in Afghanistan and was convicted of helping the Taliban to assassinate the commander Ahmed Shah Massod. Mr Masood, who was a prominent Afghan leader in the north of the country, was blown up two days before the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., by two men posing as journalists.
It is a mistake to release killers, period.  Not many of these people change their attitude after they set on this path.   What kind of vetting, if any, did they do before allowing him in the country?


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