Turkey's 'sensitive' despotic ruler tries to censor the internet

The Turkish government has reportedly ordered the deletion from the internet ofa German satirical video that pokes fun at President Recep Tayipp Erdoğan and condemns his human rights record.

Germany’s ambassador to Turkey, Martin Erdmann, was summoned to the foreign ministry in Ankara last week, according to German media, and asked to justify the contents of the short film made by Extra 3, the popular satirical television programme.

“We demanded that the programme be deleted,” a Turkish diplomat told Agence France-Presse on condition of anonymity.

The complaints centre on a two-minute song, Erdowi, Erdowo, Erdoğan, which was broadcast by the TV channel NDR on 17 March. The lyrics mock the president for everything from his “showy palace with a thousand rooms, built without a permit in a conservation area” to his crackdown on press freedom, and for “jailing journalists for writing things he doesn’t like”.

It also criticises his attitude towards the Kurds, claiming he is “more inclined to bomb them than his brothers in faith from Isis”, and paints a picture of a Europe that is kowtowing to his demands.
You can see the video at the link above.  Erdogan may not find it funny but it appears to be an accurate description of some of his policies.  He is also hosting the Hamas death cult.  He is probably the worst ally in NATO ever.


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