Liberals failure to protect the people impacting elections in Europe

NY Times:

A Terror Attack, Then Far Right Moves In

Amid terrorist attacks and a mounting migrant crisis, Europe’s far-right parties are gaining momentum. In France, we followed a candidate of one such party, the National Front.
Any any counterinsurgency effort the first priority is to protect the people.  So far Europe has a spotty record at best in that regard.  The Muslim invasion of Europe has also pushed for cultural changes  and in some cases, the governments are surrendering, telling women what to wear and separating the sexes to avoid the Muslim rape culture.  In those circumstances, it is not surprising that parties promising to protect the indigenous culture and protect a way of life show political gains.

In this country, the reaction of liberals to what appear to be common sense measures proposed by Ted Cruz shows just how out of touch the establishment is in dealing with Islamic religious bigots pushing a weird culture.


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