Nebraska Senator challenges Trump for attacks on Heidi Cruz

The Hill:
Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) took to Twitter on Thursday to bash Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for threatening to “spill the beans” about the wife of Ted Cruz, his main rival for the nomation.

Sasse also slammed Trump for posting a picture comparing Melania Trump to Heidi Cruz.

This is sad, and everyone with a sister or wife or daughter or mom should reconsider supporting this tiny little man

Sasse went on to suggest that Trump would not have the courage to make such attacks to someone's face.   I think he hides behind his Twitter rants along with his sick followers and sycophants who like his trash talking.  Good for Sasse for standing up to the Middle School bully persona of Trump.

BTW, where are the feminists criticizing this conduct?


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