Trying to save the GOP establishment from itself is hard work for Ted Cruz

NY Times:

Ted Cruz Names Friends, but Silence From G.O.P. Brass Deafens

As Ted Cruz tries to unite Republicans opposed to Donald J. Trump, the senator is seeking the support of the party establishment that he has long criticized.
They did not want to hear him criticize their show votes and their capitulation of Obama's ridiculous spending priorities, and they are still reluctant to admit they were wrong regardless of what the voters are telling them.  They know Trump is a disaster, but their pride will not let them admit what Cruz has been trying to tell them from the beginning is true.  As a long time supporter of the GOP, I am deeply disappointed in their leadership and their failure to rally to the only candidate who can defeat Trump.  They got their majorities by promising to oppose the Democrats and then decided that the best way to beat Harry Reid is to give the Democrats all they want.  The irony may be that their failure to endorse Cruz may be his advantage going forward.


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