Trump continues to act the bully

Trump goes after reporter who accused his campaign manager of assault

The real estate mogul strongly defends his top aide, who was charged on Tuesday with simple battery.
Donald Trump is the most unpresidential candidates in recent history.  If he were presidential at all, he would say that both sides are entitled to a fair trial, but instead, he is weighing in attempting to put his thumb on the levers of justice.

Dealing with Donald Trump is like wrestling with a pig.  His lack of grace is monumental.  His supporters in many cases are even worse.  They come up with the most vile insults for anyone who disagrees with their guy.  There is little civil conversation to be had with some of these Trump supporters.

His reaction to an event that could have been handled with an apology to Defcon 1 raises serious questions about how he would handle a real confrontation with North Korea or some other miscreant.  Would he launch a nuclear attack over a minor provocation?  His reaction in this case suggests that he might.


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