Marine base in Iraq comes under second ISIL attack

Marine Corps Times:
The newly established American firebase in northern Iraq came under attack again Monday just two days after a rocket attack killed a U.S. Marine staff sergeant, a defense official said.

The company of Marines at the new outpost known as “Firebase Bell” reported small-arms fire Monday morning from a “squad size” team of Islamic State fighters who likely “infiltrated” the area around the Iraqi and U.S. military facilities, said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Defense Department spokesman in Baghdad.

No American injuries were reported, Warren said.

The existence of the firebase, which was established last week, was reported publicly for the first time after Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Cardin was killed by a Katyusha rocket Saturday, the first attack on the site.
The base initially had a company size unit of Marines.  It was apparently set up to support the Iraqi army when it moves on Mosul.


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