Decapitation strikes have not slowed ISIL, will the latest?

NY Times:

U.S. Attack Kills a Top ISIS Leader in Syria, Pentagon Says

The killing of Abd al-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli comes as the U.S. appears to be having increased success targeting the Islamic State’s leadership.
While I have nothing against decapitation strikes of a wicked enemy, they alone have been inadequate to stop his terror attacks.  ISIL usually responds by launching its on attacks on noncombatants in the West.   Judging by its past conduct it is quite possible that the Brussel attacks were an attempt to take pressure off its forces in Syria and Iraq which are facing increasing pressure from a military offensive.

The best way to stop the terror strikes is to wipe out the caliphate.  That is something Obama and the Western allies have been reluctant to do.  ISIL is in effect pushing an insurgency against the West and there is a refusal to deal with it as anything but a police matter.  If they are not going to take out the enemy in its caliphate, they will need more forces to patrol their own communities to cut off operations of the terrorists.  So far the political correctness has made authorities reluctant to do that.  The liberals seem to think that Muslims do not have the intellect to distinguish between operations to stop radical Islam and a war on Islam.  I give them more credit than that.


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