Trump failing to close the deal with delegates

Trump’s delegate danger

He’s beating Cruz at the ballot, but he’s months behind in the battle to make those wins count at the convention.

Carson’s trip is the Trump campaign’s highest profile play yet for delegates, and it comes as the mogul arrives at a perilous moment: He may be lapping Ted Cruz at the ballot box, but Cruz is outmaneuvering him in the quieter — and equally crucial — hunt for loyal delegates.

Trump is virtually certain to arrive in Cleveland with millions more votes than Cruz or John Kasich, but he could still fall short of clinching the nomination outright. That would throw the contest to the delegates — and if Cruz packs the arena with supporters, Trump could watch the nomination slip away from him. And he knows it.
It just shows how disorganized the Trump effort is.  He has been focused on attacking other candidates rather than winning the delegates he needs.  The guy who claims to be such a  great manager is doing a poor job of managing his own campaign and putting a team together to secure the delegates.   He acts like he is managing Trump U.

Steve Berman reports on Trump's failure in Louisiana:
Cruz Wins Louisiana: Donald Couldn’t Beat A Rug Without Suing It
Cruz actually won the election day voting, but Trump had the edge in early voting.  But when it came to organization of delegates Cruz won in a rout.


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