British and Jordanian special ops taking fight to ISIL in Libya

Daily Mail:
The SAS has been fighting ISIS on the ground in Libya since the beginning of the year according to King Abdullah of Jordan.

Senior ISIS commanders have been fleeing into Libya as their control of large areas of Iraq and Syria is being weakened.

Details of a secret briefing between King Abdullah and US congressional leaders which was leaked to a specialist Middle East security website confirm the elite warriors presence in the failed north African state.

According to Middle East Eye, King Abdullah told the US politicians that his own special forces were operational in Libya alongside the SAS.

The leaked document states: 'His Majesty [King Abdullah] said he expects a spike in a couple of weeks and Jordanians will be imbedded [sic] with British SAS, as Jordanian slang is similar to Libyan slang.'

The King continued: 'The problem is bigger than ISIL, this is a third world war, this is Christians, Jews working with Muslims against Khawarej, outlaws.'

He added: 'The problem is many countries are still living the cold war, but they have to get beyond that and focus on the third world war.'
I have suspected that special ops units were fighting in Libya when reports of sniper fire taking out ISIL leaders kept coming in.   It is one of the things that the Brit SAS is very good at and the Jordanians special ops are some of the best in the Middle East.  They have been left with the task of trying to clean up the mess left behind by Obama and Clinton in their Libyan adventure of "leading from behind."


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