Trump's fine whine about the unfairness of following the rules

Redstates has a video of Trump complaining about the fact that Ted Cruz followed the rules and got more votes from Louisiana despite Trump's narrow win in the state.

Strief comments:
This is really pathetic. The guy who promised us he’d give us winning until we were tired of winning is, as I noted earlier in the week, being out hustled and out organized by Ted Cruz. The problem isn’t a broken system. The system was well known to everyone before the primary started. The problem is a slovenly, flaccid, elderly candidate who has never worked for a single thing in his entire life decided that all he had to do was show up, buy or rent Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee and Breitbart and Fox News, let his campaign manager push a few girls around, and he’d win the nomination. Now he sees he is cratering in national polls, the blow back from his stupid, juvenile and unmanly attack on Ted Cruz via his butt-buddy at the National Enquirer is going to be horrendous, and as the Republican field collapses to two candidates the 70% of the GOP electorate who oppose a Donald Trump candidacy will coalesce against him.
It looks like he took a bad time to take off from the campaign and turn his campaign into an ugly Twitter blitz and let his Pecker buddy try a smear campaign against Cruz.   Trump comes across like a whiny kid telling his mom that things just are not fair when he is not allowed to win.


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