Islamic religious bigots latest mass murder of Christians

Washington Post:
At least 60 dead after blast at Pakistan park where families celebrated Easter

More than 100 are hurt in the eastern city of Lahore after an attack that a police official attributed to a suicide bomber.
Will Obama and other Democrats ever admit that the problem is not religious bigotry toward Muslims, it is the exact opposite?  There is a strain of Islamic bigotry that wants to wipe out everyone who does not agree with their weird beliefs, and some of them were at it again in this Pakistan human bomb attack on noncombatants.  

I am not aware of a single instance of mass murder attacks on Muslims in this country, yet that seems to be the chief concern of the left in the US.  It is past time they recognize who the real religious bigots are.  BTW, these Islamic religious bigots also attack Muslims who disagree with them.  They are what is wrong in this war yet Democrats like Obama and Hillary Clinton act like they are the victims.


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