No merit to story of Cruz sex scandal

GotNews: looked into the sex scandal allegations surrounding Senator Ted Cruz and finds them utterly lacking. They come from supporters of Marco Rubio, not Donald Trump.

We sent people everywhere to hunt this one down. Frankly we don’t think Cruz has it in him.

At least one Cruz mega donor is looking at helping two of the accused women file a libel suit against the National Enquirer.

In the wake of a massive $140M settlement against the Manhattan-based terrorist organization known as Gawker, the lawyers are circulating.

The story was very cleverly written, though, to avoid liability. The National Enquirer people know what they are doing when they write about how Cruz’s dealing with a smear. This is what they write, “Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the target of a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign!” They blocked out the eyes and pixelated the women to avoid naming them.

We spoke to long time associate Katrina Pierson, who is currently the Trump’s campaign spokesman, and she denied the charges to us repeatedly and emphatically.
Former Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter has also denied it on live TV.
The rumors started from the Rubio camp after reporters and investigators started looking into the Rubio mistress allegations.

One of the tactics of the Rubio campaign when Cruz tried to land oppo hits on Rubio was to say that Cruz did it too! (Hence the deliberate, Alinskyite tactic of confusing Cruz’s position on immigration.)
I think this story gets it about right.  The only thing I would ad is that there are Trump supporters who run the National Enquirer and it does not strain credulity to think they may have jumped on the Rubio campaign smear as a way to help Trump.

A senior editor of Texas Monthly has also investigated the rumors and finds no merit to them.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    You just made this up,why shall i believe you truly sent people to investigate.i am open to this,since this commentary of yours definitely did not convince me.Cruz might be just another Tiger Woods or John Edwards.


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