Cruz gets over 69 % of Utah votes, Trump third

Salt Lake Tribune:
Ted Cruz cruises to victory as Utahns shirk Donald Trump in GOP caucuses

Ted Cruz captured a decisive win in the Utah GOP caucus Tuesday, boosting the Republican establishment's hopes of denying Donald Trump the delegates he needs to win the party's nomination before the national convention in July.

Cruz was carried to victory by a mixture of his supporters and Republicans repulsed by Trump, rallying to aid the candidate best situated to derail the Trump train and in the process the Texas senator easily eclipsed the 50-percent threshold he needed to secure all 40 of Utah's GOP delegates.

With 58 percent of the votes counted, Cruz led with 69 percent, followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 17 percent and Trump with 14 percent.
This is the most decisive win by any candidate in the GOP primaries this year.  Trump is yet to get over 50 percent and his win in Arizona this evening was helped by early voting for candidates no longer in the contest.


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