At this point what Republican would want Trump's support

NY Times:

Trump Revokes His Pledge to Support the G.O.P. Nominee

Asked at a forum hosted by CNN if he still pledged to support the nominee if someone else wins, Donald J. Trump said, “No, I don’t anymore,” adding that he had not been treated fairly.
In recent days, Trump has shown the temperament and logic somewhere between that of a five-year-old and a middle school bully.   Even some of his most ardent supportive have called him "mental."  His tendency to deny the obvious is becoming hard to ignore.  He has shown the ability to respond to what should be a minor incident into a Defcon One drama.  That he still has supporters who defend him is the real miracle.  His sense of fairness is as warped as he logic in dealing with the give and take of a campaign.


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