Clinton was present at the creation of ISIL

Washington Examiner:
Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani attacked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's strategy for defeating the Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

Giuliani told Fox News late Wednesday that her previous experiences as the top U.S. diplomat helped create the problem she is intent on fighting now.

"She helped create ISIS. Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS," Giuliani told Bill O'Reilly.
"By being part of an administration that withdrew from Iraq, by being part of an administration that let [Nouri al-]Maliki run Iraq into the ground so you forced the Shiites to make a choice, by not intervening at Syria at the proper time, by being part of an administration that drew 12 lines in the sand and made a joke out of it," Giuliani explained.
Guiliani also said that Clinton should have resigned if she did not agree with the policies.  As I noted recently her claims to be "the only candidate with a plan to defeat ISIL" rings hollow given her response to events while she was Secretary of State and the President was making disastrous decision.


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