Trump is losing his war on women

Dan Spencer:
So now the legacy media is reporting on Trump losing his war on women. CBS reports that Donald Trump’s denigration of Heidi Cruz and his other misogynistic comments about women, are turning off women voters:

A CBS News/New York Times poll in October found that 57 percent of registered women voters had an unfavorable view of Trump. Now, it’s up to 63 percent.

In a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton, Trump trails 50 to 40 percent. The reason is women, who give Clinton a whopping 20 point advantage over Trump — 55 to 35 percent.

According to the Associated Press, in a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, 70 percent of women had a negative opinion of Trump. Nearly three quarters of women overall, and 39 percent of Republican women, had an unfavorable view of him in a recent CNN poll.

The fall out from Trump’s losing war on women gets worse. The New York Times reports, that Trump has shown a particular weakness among female voters, who favored Mrs. Clinton 55 percent to 35 percent in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, that’s twice the gender gap in the 2012 presidential election, when President Obama defeated Mitt Romney.

According to the Times, the Democrats are ecstatic about Trump’s war on women. They hope that the Donald’s attacks on Heidi Cruz and other women will continue. A crucial part of the Democrats’ strategy to defeat Mr. Trump in November will be to portray him as an unabashed sexist. Outside groups that support Hillary Clinton have begun to track and compile Trump’s decades-long montage of misogyny for the general election
It is almost like Trump is a Clinton plant to run against her.  At this point I would not put it past either of them.


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