Ted Cruz doing as well with women as men

Byron York:
Before taking a break from the Wisconsin race with a West Coast fundraising-and-Jimmy-Kimmel swing, on Wednesday Ted Cruz held what his campaign billed as a "'Women for Cruz' Coalition Rollout with Ted and Heidi Cruz, Eleanor Darragh, and Carly Fiorina." Darragh is Cruz's mother, so the event featured the candidate's wife, mother, and top female endorser, as well as cameos from Cruz's two young daughters, Caroline and Catherine. Conservative faith-and-family author and commentator Rebecca Hagelin rounded out the group as moderator.

Campaign sources say the "Women for Cruz" event had been contemplated for quite a while, but only came together in Wisconsin. More skeptical sorts might suggest the recent National Enquirer story alleging, without evidence, that Cruz has had a number of extramarital affairs had something to do with the scheduling. Plus, presenting Cruz with the women in his life extolling his fine qualities could only heighten the contrast with Donald Trump, who appears to have done enormous damage to his chances in Wisconsin with an out-of-the-blue attack on Heidi Cruz and a variety of intemperate statements relating to women — and all that is aside from the criminal charges against Trump's campaign manager for grabbing a female reporter's arm at a news conference earlier this month.

Whatever the case, the purpose of the day was to talk about Cruz's new Wisconsin campaign theme — "Jobs, Freedom, Security" — in the context of women voters. "He believes all issues are women's issues," said Hagelin. "We're not relegated to talk about just certain issues...he respects that policy affects all of us."

"Women, every bit as much as men, care about jobs, freedom, and security," Cruz told the group.
York provides poll data showing that in elections to date his support has been virtually equal with both genders.  He only hints at Trump's significant gender gap, but polls show as many as 70 percent of women in the US would not consider voting for Trump.


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