Trump's unrealistic world view

NY Times:

Trump’s View: It’s America First, and All the Others Pay

In a 100-minute interview, Donald J. Trump said he might halt purchases of oil from Arab allies like Saudi Arabia unless they commit greater resources to fighting the Islamic State.
The Saudis in return could say they will not cut back on oil production until the US starts buying from then again.  They might also say, that one reason they are not expending more effort against ISIL is because US policy with Iran has left them to fight a war with Iranian proxies in Yemen.  It should also be noted that the Sadis and other Gulf states were providing logistic su[pport to the rebels in Syria until Iran invited Russia into crush them and the US did nothing to stop the slaughter.

Overcoming Obama's perfidy in Syria and the Middle East is going to take more than a trade war with US allies in the region.


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