Isn't this the reason they have a military?

NY Times:

Belgium Fears Its Nuclear Power Plants Are Vulnerable

Belgian authorities are worried that ISIS is seeking to attack, infiltrate or sabotage nuclear plants or obtain nuclear or radioactive material, an especially worrying possibility in light of a history of security lapses at Belgian nuclear facilities.
Have the military secure the power plants and patrol the area around them.  They should be well suited for that.  Europe needs to come to the understanding that ISIL has made their continent a war zone and they have to treat it as such and not just have the police chasing the terrorists.  In counterinsurgency operations, the military has to have an adequate force to space ratio around vulnerable targets to make them impassable to the enemy.

Despite the hysteria of the left, the military and the police should also patrol Muslim neighborhoods in the same way the US military did during the surge in Iraq that successfully defeated al Qaeda in Iraq.  The forces protect the people and gain valuable intelligence when people come to recognize them as protectors and not adversaries.


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