Terminal being built for increase energy trade with Mexico

Fuel Fix:
Private equity-backed Rangeland Energy is building a new terminal near Corpus Christi, hoping to become a part of the flow of U.S. fuels to customers in Mexico.

The terminal will store refined products, liquefied petroleum gas and other fuels before transporting them to Mexico. Rangeland Energy estimated the Corpus Christi facility will cost at most $100 million, though the budget may rise if they decide to add more infrastructure in Mexico at a later date.

Shipments from the facility will largely be via rail, with the option to add connections to pipelines and ships. Rangeland said it had bought 190 acres along the Kansas City Southern Railroad, which runs into Mexico. The company also noted the property is within five miles of the Port of Corpus Christi and adjacent to Corpus Christi’s refining complex.
This is another demonstration of how trade with Mexico is a two street no matter what Donald Trump may think.  Mexico is Texas's largest trading partner.  Those whining about trade with Mexico should try selling to Mexico instead of threatening ruinous tariffs that will lower the living standards on both sides of the border.


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