The irony of the smear campaign Virginia's Governor ran against Republican opponent

Washington Post:
"I am not either of those people" in a racist yearbook photo, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) said, a reversal after his apology Friday for "the decision I made to appear" in the photo.

Northam alluded to other actions in his past, including darkening his face with shoe polish for a Michael Jackson costume in 1984.
Northam won running a gutter level campaign based on identity politics and bogus charges of racism against Ed Gillespie.  In the past, the Washington Post has been complicit in this type of campaign in Virginia one of which impacted a Senate race.

Only days after defending Northam for his statements which appeared to approve of infanticide the Post and the Democrats are left trying to explain what looks like racism in Northam's past.

While the Governor might argue that he has matured since medical school and no longer finds racist pranks amusing he seems to have decided on a "that's not me" approach to the political problem posed by the old picture.  His lingering in office will be a problem for Democrats who continue to stake their future on identity politics.


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