Amy Klobacher treats her staff the way Democrats treat Republicans

NY Times:

How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff

Interviews with more than two dozen former staff members and internal emails reviewed by The Times reveal demeaning and unusual behavior by Ms. Klobuchar toward her subordinates.
Or perhaps she treats them the way the media treats Republicans.  It sounds like she is a politician who struggles to hide her mean streak.  Rumors of this conduct have been spreading since her announcement.  It may be too early to decide if they are an effort to clear the field for more liberal candidates. 

So far the announced field is full of intellectual lightweights trading on identity politics and liberal wish lists for control freak policies and an anti-freedom agenda of government telling you what kind of healthcare you can have and what kind of food you can eat and what kind of transportation you will be allowed to have in the future.   Their promises really suck.


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