Suburban women voters favor border barriers

Paul Bedard:
Suburban women, after fleeing Republicans in the 2018 midterm congressional elections, are coming back to President Trump.

The reason: many want his border wall.

A remarkable new Zogby Analytics poll found that suburban women, more than likely voters, support the wall and Trump’s emergency declaration that will allow him to spend more to build it than Congress has OK’d.

The numbers: 45 percent of suburban women want the president to find other sources of money to build the border wall, versus 40 percent who don’t. And 50 percent back his emergency declaration.
The Democrat arguments against the wall are counterfactual.   They keep saying that walls don't work when the evidence shows they around the world and where the walls currently exist on the border.  I think the Democrats are also having a tough time with their claims that they favor border security when several leading Democrats want to tear down existing walls.


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