Losers critical of Trump's emergency declaration

Washington Post:
The president has “no factual basis” for proclaiming an emergency at the border, said the bipartisan group, which includes former secretary of state Madeleine K. Albright and former defense secretary Chuck Hagel.
I would not hire either of these people to make this sort of decision.  They may not care about open borders and the crime that comes with it as well as the harm it does to Americans looking for entry-level jobs, but the victims of those events sure think it is an emergency that needs to be addressed.  I find their declaration unpersuasive. 

What they are also overlooking is the nonsensical opposition of the Democrats to a border barrier.  Their assertion that these barriers don't work is demonstrably false.  They are working around the world right now and they are working in areas of the border that do have them.  I see their opposition as bad faith political posturing. 

Their proposed alternatives would not be as effective, would cost more and require more manpower.  It would also result in the US housing more migrants and giving them free healthcare.


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