Mexican smugglers attempting to destroy existing metal fencing by ramming with trucks

Monica Showalter:
As California's leftist Gov. Gavin Newsom grandstands about suing the Trump administration over its construction of a concrete border wall, Mexico's human smugglers are having a grand old time, ramming through the corrugated junk metal fencing that's there with heavy smuggling vehicles, terrorist-style.

Here's the U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo from independent San Diego television news station KUSI, reporting the matter last night:
SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- This morning a truck carrying 22 immigrants breached the aging border barrier in east San Diego, according to the CA Border Patrol San Diego.
The Border Patrol agents responded, the driver of the vehicle rammed a Border Patrol vehicle then attempted to flee.
The driver exited on foot and escaped south.
So Trump is the bad guy for wanting to construct an industrial-durable concrete and steel wall that truck terrorists, whether they're carrying human smuggling cargo --or bombs, wouldn't be able to ram through by force. And Newsom wants to stop that wall construction, even as this junk fence shows that these cartel networks are getting some expertise in doing the maneuvers.
This is an old section of the fence made by using metal plates previously used to make temporary landing strips for warplanes.  The new fencing is much sturdier and more resistant to these kinds of attacks.  But what these attacks do is demonstrate that Democrats are wrong about the efficacy of border barriers because if they didn't inhibit entry, there would be no need to try to smash down the barriers.  Democrats make a lot of false statements about a border barrier because they want to import a dependency class of people to replace votes who have abandoned their liberal agenda.


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