Russia collusion narrative not selling with voters

Monica Showalter:
Democrats have gone balls-to-the-wall in their attempt to pin Russia collusion charges onto President Trump. Tankerfulls of ink and light years of pixels have already been spilled about the matter from their press allies. Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is suing the Trump administration to make special counsel Robert Mueller's final report public. Investigations, even on tangential matters, such as a new one focused on President Trump's dishonest former lawyer Michael Cohen, continue to mushroom.
And Democrats show no signs of stopping. Here's a headline from yesterday's Politico: "Hillary Clinton: Congress should be 'doing more' on Russia probe." Here's another one, from Feb. 21's World Tribune, "Democrats: Regardless of Mueller report, ‘this is going to keep on going’."
So what does all this "banging and slamming and booming and crashing" mean to Iowa voters, who are now the focus of Democrats' attention as they seek to win the 2020 election against President Trump?
Zero. Zip. Nada. 
Center-left Axios sent someone out on the road to watch the Democratic candidates in action as they played retail politics with voters, presumably mostly Democrats, driving 264 miles to six events and found this:
At a half-dozen events 2020 candidates held in Iowa over the weekend, attendees barely mentioned President Trump — and not a single person asked about Robert Mueller’s investigation or Russia.
The big picture: Instead, most of the questions were about policies — most often health care, climate and immigration.
One thing Peter Stzrok got right about this investigation is "there is no there, there."  Most other sentient humans also notice that too.  I think those who still believe in the Russia narrative are warped by their own partisan biases.  The voters see it for the BS hoax it has always been.


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