FBI General Counsel thought Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted

Monica Showalter:
The news is out that then-FBI director James Comey did indeed have some credible prosecutors for Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified documents during her stint as secretary of state, passing around some of the U.S. government's most secret documents on an illegal private account attached to a server in some guy's bathroom.

"No reasonable prosecutor" would take the case, Comey intoned, who then let the former secretary of state and then-presidential candidate off the hook.

Actually, there was one, at least one, and he was sitting right next to Comey: none other than FBI general counsel James Baker, who admitted in congressional testimony that he did think Clinton's dishonest act merited prosecution.
Up until now, Comey's "narrative" was that Clinton was "extremely careless" (not even "grossly negligent," which is actionable) and the book was closed on the matter, as Democrats brushed the whole thing off, while hackers and Russians and Chinese and terrorists got to dig into the goodies.

Clinton was supposed to be charged with mishandling classified documents, and she wasn't.

Only three news sources are reporting this bombshell (I checked Google News, Yahoo! News, and DuckDuckGo): John Solomon of The Hill, Catherine Herridge of Fox News, and Sara Carter, all respectable heavyweights in investigative reporting, and their reports should easily merit news pickups. But the nets are nowhere, the New York Times doesn't think such a revision to its "narrative" is fit to print, and the Washington Post is going to let that one die in darkness.
This is more evidence of the two-tier justice system at the FBI and DOJ as well as most of the mainstream media where if it doesn't fit their preferred narrative it is not fit to print and will die in darkness.  The media is now made up of people who will do and say anything to topple Trump and suppress news about his adversaries that is inconvenient to their preferred narrative.

As someone who once handled Top Secret material, it was always clear to me that Hillary Clinton's handling of this material was illegal and should have been prosecuted.


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