Mueller is most vindictive toward hostile witnesses

NY Times:

Sentencing Memo Paints Manafort as Someone Who ‘Repeatedly and Brazenly’ Broke Law

The special counsel’s team said the fact that Paul Manafort lied to prosecutors after agreeing to cooperate “reflects a hardened adherence to committing crimes and lack of remorse.”
Mueller seems really angry with Manafort and Roger Stone for not being cooperative witnesses.  Manafort was tried and convicted of several "crimes" for which Democrats who did the same thing were not.  He was mainly targeted for briefly working for Trump on his campaign. 

Roger Stone is a gadfly who also was openly hostile to the Mueller investigation, although he did cooperate.  Mueller was dissatisfied with the extent of his cooperation, even though he had no evidence that Stone colluded with the Russians.  It looks like Mueller wanted to go after him for spite because Stone would not turn on Trump.

What all this demonstrates is Mueller is still a process crime fighter rather than someone investigating Russian collusion.  When he can't find Russian collusion he finds something else to use to attack his victims.


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