Brownsville LNG facility to create 700 construction jobs and 165 permanent jobs while enhancing the environment

Fuel Fix:
A subsidiary of Chicago power generation company Exelon, Annova LNG is seeking permission from state and federal regulators to build a $3 billion plant that would take natural gas from various shale plays around the United States and produce 6 million metric tons of LNG per year that would be exported to customers around the globe.

FERC officials are not expected to make a permit decision until July. In his letter, Patrick wrote that the proposed project would create jobs and bring economic benefits.

"This project is not only expected to create 700 construction jobs, equivalent to almost $325 million in direct labor income, but also expected to create 165 high-paying permanent jobs for the people of our state," Patrick wrote.

Opposition: Enviros file 1,100 comments against Annova LNG project

Annova LNG and two other export terminals proposed at the Port of Brownsville face stiff opposition from a coalition of environmentalists, fishermen, shrimpers and community groups working under the banner Save RGV From LNG.
After collaborating and working closely with various local and federal environmental stakeholders, Annova LNG has modified its layout to create an 185-acre environmental conservation corridor to avoid impacting over 100 acres of wetlands," Patrick wrote. "Additionally, by proposing to restore and enhance over 250 acres of wetlands and shallow water habitats, the efforts would rebuild tidal exchanges and estuarine habitats, lost when the Brownsville Ship Channel and State Highway 4 were constructed."
The jobs are in an area which has not seen the job growth of other parts of the state where energy has had a greater impact.  It would be a boost to the Valley economy which has lagged the rest of the state.  It would also diversify the export facilities and help increase the flow of LNG to trading partners around the world.


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