Crisis on the border as murders in Mexico continue to escalate

Silvio Cantu, Jr.:
We continue to hear that there is no crisis on the border. However, the situation in Mexico does not support that conclusion.

Let me ask you this: have you talked to anyone in Mexico lately? When you do, eventually, you will talk about the violence in the country.

Over in Cancún, a Caribbean resort with beautiful beaches and wonderful hotels, the violence has arrived. This is from the latest advisory....

Gang activity? That's interesting.

Why the gangs? What are they fighting about?

They are not fighting over the blondes on the beach. They are killing each other over drug routes to the U.S.
That is what all the violence is about in Mexican border cities and why the cartels are using caravans as cover for their export of drugs.  While the media attempts to play down the murders by illegals in this country, they are not counting the thousands dying every month from the drugs being imported.  Why do you think that 20 percent of the prison population in this country is made up of illegal aliens?  Those who claim there is no crisis on the border have their heads buried in the sand or in their own orifices.

There is a reason why Nancy Pelosi in her recent trip to Laredo, did not dare cross the river and visit Nuevo Laredo.  It is far too dangerous a place for such a visit as the cartels' fight over access to the I-35 route into the US.


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