The critics are wrong about Trump's fight with the DOJ and FBI

NY Times:

Trump Versus Law Enforcement: A Confrontation With No Precedent

The president’s allies say he has every right to manage the executive branch and every reason to be outraged at possible misconduct aimed at his campaign. Critics say he is wreaking untold damage on institutions that form the bulwark of a democratic society.
The DOJ is populated with about 83 percent Democrat donors who appear to have joined the radical resistance to Trump's election.  They are attempting to thwart Congressional oversight and hide information that is embarrassing to them. 

Many of them have been engaged in a traitorous coup attempt against this President beginning before he was even elected.  Some of their more egregious activities appear to have been directed by Obama administration figures.

It is nonsensical to say the President should have no right to fight those plotting a coup against him and the constitutional order.  These are people who are damaging the institutions by their own conduct.


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