Trump demonstrates that he is not afraid to walk away from North Korea deal

NY Times:

Letter to Leader of North Korea Cites Its ‘Open Hostility’

  • President Trump has notified Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, that he has canceled their meeting, which was set for June 12.
  • In a letter to Mr. Kim, Mr. Trump cited “tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement.”
The Nork delegation failed to show at a preliminary meeting and unlike previous administrations, Trump was unwilling to offer them something for doing what they had previously agreed to.  I find nothing wrong with Trump's response, although many of his critics on the left were quick to blame him for North Korea's bad faith.    It is something they do reflexively.  It is how they got the label of the "blame America first" group.

Trump was smart enough to wait until North Korea detonated explosives around its nuclear testing facility:

Trump Upends North Korea’s Big Moment

North Korea said it detonated its only known nuclear test site in a show of good faith. Then came Mr. Trump’s letter
The move appears to be part of North Korea's mixed signals when it comes to dealing.

Eli Lake thinks the move by Trump is a winner:
Trump Can Win by Walking Away From Korea Talks
Even the Soviet Union could not nuke its own people to stop a general uprising.


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