The collusion narrative has collapsed

Conrad Black:
The Collapse of the Collusion Narrative

The early righteousness of the anti-Trump lynch-mob was deflated when the Steele dossier was revealed as defamatory lies assembled and paid for by the Clinton campaign. The feeble effort at claiming a boozy conversation between a very junior member of the Trump campaign team and a former Australian politician (who had secured $25 million of Australian government money for the Clinton Foundation) as the source of the investigation has crumbled. The origins were earlier, and Christopher Steele and prominent members of the FBI and CIA shopped his inane and scatological dossier around the media to incite the misplaced belief that there were multiple disinterested sources for its contents.

It also seems to be clear that Comey, and former National Intelligence and Central Intelligence directors James Clapper and John Brennan, were involved in improper leaks of confidential information and in coordinating their activities to mislead the president-elect. All three also appear to have misled congressional committees while under oath. The inspector general of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, is apparently only a week away from a release to the Congress (i.e., the world) of his report on the official handling of the Clinton emails affair. His report is reportedly 400 pages, and there has never in recent history been a 400-page nothingburger. It would be astounding if there were not further criminal referrals for some of Trump’s prominent tormenters, presumably starting with Comey, as there were for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe from the inspector general’s first report. This will be a spectacular wind-up to Comey’s author’s tour, as he entrusts his defense to another of America’s most egregious rules-free prosecutors, Patrick Fitzgerald.

As the rot spreads and evidence of the questionable involvement of elements of the Obama administration in the sand-bag job on Trump appears at earlier dates, before the 2016 political conventions, demands from congressional committees for more information from the Justice Department are becoming more extensive and insistent. The more sophistical Trumpophobes are claiming the Congress is over-reaching, beyond its right to know and at risk, as dishonest law-enforcement and intelligence officials always allege, of danger to agents and sources. It’s nonsense of course; no one is asking for the release of such material. The Trumpophobes have retreated so far they have backed up almost onto the president’s toes, and sometime soon, he will, as is his perfect executive right, order the release of all the FBI, Justice, State, and Intelligence dirty linen. Let the inelegantly soiled under-garments fall where they may; none of it is his.
With a lack of evidence, the Democrats have moved the goal post and still hold out a faint hope that they can trap the President into committing "obstruction of justice."  That will be tough to do with all the felonies it appears the Obama administration engaged in while trying to defeat Trump.  How can you make an obstruction case when there was no crime to obstruct teh investigation of?


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