Anti-Trump leftists impervious to facts that demonstrate their Russian collusion fantasy was ill conceived

Shawn Mitchell:
The Unshakable Faith of the Anti-Trump Mob
It’s scary how unable most people are to reexamine their conclusions once they reach them, even when presented with important new information. Take the people who are sure Trump is dirty with Russia, and that government officials could not possibly have manufactured the story.

Consider all that has come out in recent months, all that we didn't know in the early, heady days of the Search for Red Collusion. Two main FBI players on the case, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page didn’t just favor Clinton, they hated Trump’s guts. Even then, Strzok said of Russia he didn’t think there was any “big there, there.

The main hit on Trump, a scandalous dossier featuring sketchy political allegations and kinky Moscow sexcapades was commissioned and funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr fed the dossier to the FBI without telling anyone that his wife recently landed on the payroll of the dossier’s purveyor, Fusion GPS. When his superiors learned that, Ohr’s scheduled testimony to Congress about the investigation was cancelled and he was demoted.

The FBI tried to get a FISA warrant from the FISC, relying on the dossier, and was rejected. Trump hater extraordinaire Strzok with his squeeze Paige planned a small dinner with his personal friend, Rudolph Contreras, one of the judges on the FISC . Whether the dinner took place or not, the next application for a spy warrant was granted.
There is more.

The left is like the boxer in the Simon and Garfunkle song--"A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."  As the evidence keeps rolling out that there was no collusion, many on the left stick with that fantasy because it allows them to think they can get rid of Trump.


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