Former CIA director says Clapper made unknowable claims about 2016 election

Daily Caller:
Clapper wrote in his new book that he has “no doubt” Russian meddling swung the election in favor of Trump, but during a Friday night CNN interview he all but admitted he has no evidence for the claim. (RELATED: Clapper Fumbles Explanation For Claim That Russia Decided The Election)

Hayden told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week” that it is “unknowable” how much Russians influenced the election and he knocked the former director of national intelligence for claiming otherwise.
Clapper made an evidence-free assertion and can't back it up with data.  It would be easier to prove that if the FBI had done their job rather than working on a cover-up of her mishandling of classified material she would have had to withdraw from the campaign.

That was all on her and Obama and had nothing to do with anything the Russians did.  What the Russians are accused of doing is releasing material showing how she and the DNC conspired to rig her primaries against Bernie Sanders.  There is no indication that what they are accused of releasing was anything other than the DNC's own record of that conspiracy.


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