Democrats try to stack the jury for their bogus claims of Russian collusion

Washington Post:
Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘Throw the bums out’ of Congress to protect Russia probe

In an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee accused several conservative leaders of being “complicit” amid a showdown between the White House and the Department of Justice over an FBI source
Rep. Schiff is one of the bums who has been pushing this fraud.  Having found no evidence he wants to keep investigating and wants to stack the jury in hopes of finding something to take out the President.  I am not even sure he believes what he is saying anymore.  About the only people who are still bitterly clinging to the Russian collusion argument are reporters at teh Washington Post and CNN.  They have lost a majority of the voters on this claim and they have lost their lead in the generic ballot.


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