Privilege has become a racist insults to denigrate achievement

Joanna Williams:
No, I Won’t Check My Privilege

The left's latest pejorative is racist, sexist, and stifling of honest debate.
Accomplishment has more to do with the desire to achieve a goal and the willingness to sacrifice other things to achieve it. 

I suspect it is rare to look at NBA players and suggest they are a product of black male privilege.  While physical characteristics like height and length of reach give some players an advantage they still have to develop the footwork and the accuracy to have a successful career. 

The crew on an America's Cup yacht racing team may be mostly white, but that is not the reason they are there.  Like the black NBA star, they start at a young age developing their craft and skill set.  They are rarely recipients of the wealth similar to an NBA star.  They are mostly sail makers whose earnings in a year are less than an average NBA player makes in a week.

No one should go into Appalachia and suggest to the white people in that poor part of the country that they are the product of white privilege any more than they should go into the urban ghettos of Detroit of Baltimore and suggest that the poor there are because if their privilege or lack thereof.  Ben Carson came out of a poor environment and achieved great things because his illiterate mother made him read books.

I agree with Williams and would add that suggesting that people's success is a product of privilege also becomes an excuse for lack of achievement because of lack of effort.


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