The media is still trying to cover for the Steele dossier and its origin story of the spying on Trump

Lee Smith:

How The Code Name ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Undermines The FBI’s Russia Story

The paper of record has apparently joined a campaign, spearheaded by government and political operatives, to minimize Christopher Steele’s role in the Russia investigation.

Yet the new account of how the government spying campaign against Trump started is highly unlikely. According to the thousands of favorable press reports asserting his credibility, Steele was well-respected at the FBI for his work on a 2015 case that helped win indictments of more than a dozen officials working for soccer’s international governing body, FIFA. In July 2016, Steele met with the agent he worked with on the FIFA case to show his early findings on the Trump team’s ties to Russia.

The FBI took Steele’s reporting on Trump’s ties to Russia so seriously it was later used as evidence to monitor the electronic communications of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. But, according to Schiff and the Times, the FBI somehow lost track of reports from a “credible” source who claimed to have information showing that the Republican candidate for president was compromised by a foreign government. That makes no sense.

The code name “Crossfire Hurricane” is further evidence that the FBI’s cover story is absurd. A reference to a movie about a British spy evading Russian spies behind enemy lines suggests the Steele dossier was always the core of the bureau’s investigation into the Trump campaign.
Smith also sees Halper as not only a spy but also an agent provocateur.   It is a long piece but he cuts through the misdirection operations of the DOJ-FBI team and that of their cohorts in the media trying to cover for the spying operation and the coup attempt against the President.

The media seems to marvel at Trump's ability to discredit Mueller and their stories supporting his inquiry.  I think they lack self-awareness.


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