Democrats' misplaced criticism of Trump's handling of Nork negotiations

Jeff Dunitz:
On Thursday President Trump “walked away” from the June 12th summit with North Korean despot Kim Jung Un. As they usually do whenever this president makes a decision the liberals went berserk. The same people who six-months-ago warned that President Trump was going to get us into a nuclear war with North Korea, then cautioned that President Trump was going to give too much to Kim Jung Un a week ago, are now saying by walking away Trump made the U.S. look weak. That’s because liberals do not know the first thing about negotiation tactics.

Isn’t there one liberal who has ever negotiated for a living? Is there one Trump-hating member of the mainstream media who remembers how we got a lousy deal with Iran? Every time Iran said jump, not only did Barack Obama and John Kerry jump, but they kissed Iranians’ posteriors on the way up and again on the way down.

For thirty years before entering the blogging business, my negotiation skills were honed in the advertising media world. Being able to negotiate favorable rates had a direct effect on one’s income and employment status. One of the first things taught about a tough negotiation always force your opponent into a position where they need the deal more than you do. Sometimes that requires walking away from the table. That’s precisely what President Trump did today, it’s what Obama and Kerry should have done and didn’t.

And using another negotiation tactic, President Trump walked away from the summit diplomatically without insulting North Korean despot with a lousy haircut. This was a signal to the only chubby person in North Korea where food is sometimes scarce, that the negotiations could still happen, but only on American terms.
House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who knows almost as much about negotiations as she knows about the value of a $1,000 bonus to a middle-class family, attempted to taunt the POTUS with:

“When he got this letter from the president saying ‘OK, never mind’ — he must be having a giggle fit right there in North Korea.”

Kim was not having a giggle fit, more likely he was having a sh*t fit. It was the tiny but tubby tyrant who needed the meeting and wanted a deal. That’s why he requested the confab and followed up with goodwill measures such as releasing his three American prisoners and blowing up one of his nuclear test sites.
Meanwhile, North Korea has already responded by saying it is eager to work on a deal.  It should have been clear to most sentient humans that North Korea needs this deal a lot more than Trump does.  Its economy is in the tank and its people are starving and its leader just screwed up and gave Trump a reason to walk away.

The Democrats actions give the appearance of them rooting for the North Korean despot.  Trump seems to have that effect on Democrats.  Just last week they responded to his criticism of MS-13 by embracing the muderous thugs. 


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