Behind the Obama attack on democracy and in defense of his 'legacy'

Daniel John Sobieski:
Jarrett and Obama are Behind Spygate

Unless we assume the FBI went completely rogue, it is inconceivable that the deployments of personnel to spy on the Trump campaign and make provocative contact with its lesser members could have occurred without the full knowledge and control of the occupants of the Oval Office.

Obama may claim a scandal-free administration, but after Fast and Furious, the targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS, the Benghazi cover-up, Hillary's emails, to name a few, Spygate is just the latest. I use the plural "occupants" because while Barack Hussein Obama may have been nominally the president of the United States, at the heart of every one of these scandals and virtually every administration move was Valerie Jarrett, who arguably could be considered our first female president.

Can it be believed that, as key players in the Obama administration like Strzok and Page, as well as FBI director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, number four at Justice Bruce Ohr, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and many others were linked in a vast criminal conspiracy to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House, Barack Obama was blissfully unaware of all this? Rather, it can be plausibly argued that he was orchestrating it – perhaps not directly or by explicit orders, but rather by discussing the threat to his legacy Trump represented with his progressive minions and then simply saying, as crime bosses throughout history have done, "You know what needs to be done. Do it."

This scandal did not occur in a vacuum any more than did the weaponizing of the IRS to target the Tea Party and other conservative groups before Obama's 2012 re-election campaign occurred in a vacuum. The agencies under Obama's control have been politicized before and used to intimidate and destroy his political opponents
It should also be noted that Obama used some of the same tactics against Trump he used against eh domestic critics of his bad Iran deal.  He used the intelligence apparatus of the US government to spy on them by monitoring communications with Israelis who also opposed the bad deal.  I get teh impression the Russian gambit used to excuse teh spying was a ruse to be able to spy on Trump.  When Hillary Clinton lost the election it became a vehicle for a coup attempt.  Now as it is clear that there was no collusion by the Trump campaign his deep state enemies and other Democrats are attempting to use "obstruction of justice" as a ruse to take him out.

There has been nothing legitimate about these attacks against Trump from beginning to end.


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