Mollie Hemingway destroys the suggestion that government wasn't spying on the Trump campaign

Real Clear Politics has the transcript of a back and forth on whether the government was actually spying on the Trump campaign.
"We are supposedly not allowed to call that a spy, but in the normal world people call that spying, but whatever it is, it is unprecedented, and the lack of journalistic curiosity about what was going on, how this happened, and whether protocol was followed is frankly scandalous," Hemingway quipped.

Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty responded, saying: "Wait a minute, Mollie, you just were quoting stories from the Washington Post and then complaining about lack of journalistic [curiosity].

Hemingway responded incredulously, interrupting Tumulty: "But, The Washington Post, after breaking the news that there were spies in the campaign, then runs a bunch of stories saying this isn't spying and they have no idea of what Donald Trump is talking about when he's complaining about what happened in his campaign."

"They're stepping on their own stories," Hemingway said to Tumulty. "You see this in the New York Times and Washington Post and other media outlets acting like it is ridiculous for people to think that this is actually a huge deal, that our government was involved in this type of surveillance of political opponents and you're not seeing the level of questioning -- when did Barack Obama find out? What are his thoughts about this?"
I agree with Hemingway that the suggestion that this was not spying is not even a good semantics argument.  Look up spying in the dictionary and it fits what they were doing to the Trump campaign.


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