Was there an ammo shortage for A-10 caused by Obama's defense budget?

Washington Post:
The Pentagon said it wouldn’t use depleted uranium rounds against ISIS. Months later, it did — thousands of times.

Video was posted online of the strikes that used the controversial type of armor-piercing ammunition that has been blamed for long-term health complications.
I personally favor both short and long term health consequences for ISIL forces.  They should be killed until they stop attempting the mass murder of all who disagree with them.  It is the objective of war to persuade the enemy that its cause is hopeless.  That appears to be something that Obama never comprehended.

I suspect that there probably was an ammo shortage of the shells that did not use depleted uranium.  Those shells are usually for heavy armor, and it is possible that some of ISIL's Mad Max vehicles may have needed to be hit with those shells to stop them.

Update:  This story from AFP says the ammo was used against an ISIL convoy of oil tankers they were trying to take to market.  It may have been used fewer times than the Post alleges.
A total of 5,265 depleted uranium rounds were fired in combination with other incendiary rounds, US Central Command spokesman Major Josh Jacques said.

The combination of armor-penetrating and high explosive incendiary munitions was used "to ensure a higher probability of destruction of the truck fleet ISIS was using to transport its illicit oil," he said, using an acronym for the Islamic State group.

"We will continue to look at all options during operational planning to defeat ISIS, this includes DU rounds," he added.
A separate report does indicate there is a shortage of ammo for the fight with ISIL and that it is being borrowed from other stockpiles and needs to be replenished.


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