Tracing narco-terrorist money to Pharr, Texas

Maimi Herald:
How a Colombian murder led a Miami law firm to Mexican narco-cash in Texas

They got a hit when Regions Bank identified a “blocked account” under the name of Prodira Casa SA de CV, a currency-exchange company.

That money was tied to a 2012 case where ICE officials had seized $2 million in drug cash from an armored car company in Pharr, Texas.

Caballero’s team was able to establish that Prodira was a “straw man” for the notorious Mexican cartel, Los Zetas, and that the Zetas were a key part of the network that allowed Colombian guerrillas and drug traffickers to move narcotics into the United States.

In short, Prodira was shown to be “an agent” of Colombia’s FARC, Zumpano said.
The judgment in the original case stemmed from the kidnapping, torture, and murder by FARC of a Colombian land owner whose was executed despite the payment of a ransom.  The case demonstrates how the tentacles of the narco-terrorists reached through Mexico and into the US.


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