Democrat manufactured rage is AstroTurf all the way down

Red States:
The problems are fourfold. First, the more this continues, the more elected officials will avoid the mayhem and simply cease holding town hall meetings or face-to-face ones with constituents. They will communicate via robocalls or mailings and returned form letters. This is exactly what our Founders did NOT want to happen. Second, the constant shouting, screaming and harassment will wear thin after awhile. Just as protests in the streets become old news, so shall these manufactured fits of rage at town hall meetings.

Third, there may be legitimate gripes among some constituents, but the legitimacy fades away amid the optics of people shouting down elected officials, refusing to give up microphones, following people to their cars shouting or standing outside private residences protesting. They are not protesting anything in particular; they are protesting anything and everything. They become protesters for the sake of protesting.

And fourth and finally, the obvious purpose is to have a possible effect on the 2018 midterm elections. Therefore, where these things occur are important. There are a very few handful of swing districts in the country, but the effort is directed at every Republican official regardless of their vulnerability in 2018. Does anyone honestly believe that a GOP representative who regularly pulls in 70% of the vote in their district is going to be voted out of office because some people showed up and shouted at them at a town hall meeting? Regarding the Senate, Joni Ernst, for example, is not even up for reelection in 2018 and it is Democratic incumbent Senators who have to defend more seats and are more vulnerable to defeat in 2018.
They have become the sore losers club rather than a legitimate political party.  The ones most likely to pay a political price for this conduct will be Democrats who will be forced to become even more marginalized by going further to the left to satisfy the infant terrible class.  From their seating arrangements to their mass produced signs there is nothing genuine about these demonstrations other than anger at losing their ability to push their control freak agenda.


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