Doctors facilitating immigration fraud?

Chicago Sun-Times:
Psychiatrists and other doctors in Chicago and across the country have been caught helping immigrants gain U.S. citizenship by providing fake medical opinions, records show.

An estimated 1,000 people a year submit a form to immigration officials in Chicago alone to waive the requirements that someone seeking citizenship must understand English and pass a test in U.S. history and civics.

The obscure Form N-648 requires a doctor to list any physical or mental ailment that would prevent a patient from meeting the language requirements of citizenship.

The form is susceptible to fraud, though. Immigration officials aren’t supposed to investigate the ailments. They’re instructed only to make sure that the forms are completed correctly and that the information in an applicant’s file is consistent.

Corrupt doctors have taken cash to fill out the forms for able-bodied immigrants, who then avoid having to take proficiency tests in English and U.S. history and civics. Three doctors with Chicago offices have pleaded guilty to the scam, and another is facing charges.
There is much more.

Doctors in San Diego, Philadelphia, and Miami have also been caught facilitating the scam.   One doctor in Chicago catered to Polish immigrants.  some of the doctors were also helping clients scam Social Security disability payments that they were not entitled to.

Fines for engaging in the scams ranged from $200 up to $30 million for one doctor who was also helping scam Social Security disability payments.  Some also faced losing their license to practice.

This is just another example of how immigration to the US has become a racket.


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