France fails to persuade radical Islamist to moderate

Daily Caller:
France’s attempts to deradicalize jihadis have been a complete failure, a parliamentary report reveals.

The country moved to open 12 deradicalization facilities last fall where jihadis could go through a year-long personalized program. The centers, along with a number of other measures, have now been deemed a “total fiasco.”

“It’s a total fiasco. Everything requires a total rethink,” conservative senator Philippe Bas said Thursday. “Everything must be started from scratch.”

The facilities were meant to help individuals who are “looking for a way out” by offering group activities and workshops on religion and the French Republic. The only center currently up and running costs more than $2.6 million per year without having a single tenant. (RELATED: France Launches Rehab Facility For Jihadis)
It takes more than therapy to cure Islamic religious bigotry.  It is a faith-based problem and the bigotry has been ingrained since their early development.  In short, they think they would go to hell if they changed their views.


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