Declining value of the Peso probably has more to do with fewer Mexican shoppers in US

Washington Post:
As U.S.-Mexico border cities celebrate unity, worries of a wall and tighter immigration rules loom

Laredo, Tex., and sister city Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, are connected by a short stretch of road over the Rio Grande, and share an economy and culture. But many people in the Texas community think President Trump’s rhetoric and actions are deterring Mexican customers from coming over.
Traffic going into Mexico has sharply declined because of the dangers posed by the criminal insurgency in Mexico as cartels fight over distribution routes into the US.  I grew up on the border and recall going into Mexico to eat and shop, but would not consider it now, nor do my many friends who still live on the border.

Wealthy Mexicans tend to fly into Houston and get a room near the Galleria for their shopping.   Mexican border residents have been shopping in the US regularly and the border wall or fence would have little impact on their ability to cross the bridge and shop for a day.  The shrinking value of the Peso probably has more to do with the lack of traffic into Laredo.


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