'Woman' arrested by ICE in El Paso has interesting background

Red States discusses Chelsea Clinton's unfortunate tweet about the arrest:
The tweet said, “6 ICE agents arrested an undocumented woman at a courtroom as she received a protective order. they were tipped off by her domestic abuser.”
The response from some on Twitter was a reminder of how her father seized a kid and sent him to a communist dictatorship.
Here is what Clinton also ignored about the person arrested:
KDBC obtained documents filed in federal court stating that Homeland Security Investigators (HIS) Border Enforcement Security Taskforce (BEST) Agents received information that an individual who had been previously deported was in the United States. The information stated that the individual was residing at the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence. IT also stated that the individual had previously been arrested for possession of stolen mail and illegal re-entry into the United States and sentenced to 12 months and a day.
According to the affidavit filed by federal agents, the individual has been removed from the United States six times and voluntarily returned to Mexico one other time.

Her alleged criminal history includes convictions for false imprisonment in 2013; assault, probation violation, domestic violence in 2011 and false imprisonment-minor-parental in 2010.

The person was also described as "an undocumented transgender woman." This person seems to tick a lot of boxes for the liberal Democrat victim class.


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