Media misses what Trump has done to help free enterprise by focusing on counter attacks against boycotts

Houston Chronicle:
Trump's first 30 days take toll on free enterprise
This opinion piece fails to put facts in perspective.  Sure Trump criticized Nordstrom's for dropping his daughter's clothing line, as well as other retailers who followed suit.  The retailers are caught in a bind because anti-Trump people are boycotting, and after they respond to the boycott by dropping Ivanka Trump's line, Trump supporters start cutting up their Nordstrom's credit cards.

People can decide who is at fault and go about their business as they see fit.  Trump is not shutting down stores, he is just telling them he thinks they were unfair.  But what this piece overlooks is how Trump's executive orders have really helped free enterprise by deregulating the control freak rules put in pace by Obama that have been killing jobs and the economy.  That is significantly more important to the free enterprise system than a tweet about his daughter's clothing line.

It appears the writer let his anti-Trump bias override more important facts and actions.


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